Midnight Comes

The midnight is marked
By the chimes of the clock that echo in my heart,
Love stirs the air, and yet we stand miles apart.
My eyes search for you in every inch of the ground,
Are you lost, or do just not want to be found?

You were the first dream of my soul,
You were my ultimate goal.
For you, my love, I shall move heaven and earth,
With you, I hope for many a dream, a lifetime's worth.

When I pushed everyone around me away,
You stood by me without a single sway.
I hurt everyone around me, everyone whose life I touch,
But I swear I never meant to hurt you such.

Will you come back for me, my love?
I pray that you will to the angels above.
At the sight of your smile, my broken heart will mend,
The story that I love you, it has no end.

I watch hopelessly as the hour tick by,
Standing alone in this cruel world, I,
The raven-haired girl, gazed at the stars,
And the stars gazed back at the girl with the scars.

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