Midnight Dawns

Two lights converged. Beauty and love.
But a day is only to last so long before
Midnight Dawns.
The pitch black engulfs some and inspires others...
Keep Moving, he cries as she falls behind
Eerily entrenched by the night cries.

Together in their loneliness, he leaves her be.
'It's only when the night is darkest that dawn is approaching'
He preaches, hopelessly hopeful that their words inspire change.
That he can forget.
That he can move on from the night that is now she,
constantly pulling him back.
To the longest night of his life.
But dawn will not come if he will not allow.

The light he seeks lives within the darkness itself.
He prods it to approach a new dawn with him.
It is coming.
Yet, eternally nocturnal she remains.

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