Midnight of Last Night

Fast lane, fast life with a takeaway,
So attached it can't last so we breakaway,
Lately still feel the sting on my lips,
Bring you pain with the touch of my fingertips,
Daring damned damsel in distress,
Jumps from the high rise and aims for the steps,
Breaks through the canopy and back into the bed,
Thoughts of our last night and everything you said,
Laughter from the rafters haunts us in our dreams,
Too true sounds like the ending of a sad scene,
We can't write the truth of real life it'd be maddening,
Even too much of something good is a bad thing,
So here i'm left, keeping rhythm and the beat is changin,
I took my risk because we both knew it was dangerous,
We could see we would never be the same then,
Because Heroin, my heroine, is the thing that leaves us painless

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