“Midnight Prayer”

Do not worry about tomorrow
is easier said than done
believe in the lord Jesus
as the only begotten son
these words I was raised on
and stand rooted in the truth
I've searched for many answers
going way back to my youth
but alone to my thoughts
my heart cries out for more
I have traveled this far
and walked through many doors
I still have many faults
with humility I admit
but I can't back down
you know I can't quit
but I need you my lord
this burden I cannot bear
you'll never forsake me
was the words that was shared
hold me and guide me
give me power to stand tall
help me tomorrow
or else I will fall
you know that I'm weak
and that devil awaits
to trip me or kill me
as I walk out these gates
so hear me my lord
speak directly to me
open my heart
give me eyes to see
ease my worries
from now to the end
in your son's name I pray
glory and honor forever, Amen.

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