Midnight Rain II

Thunder now is swelling to a deep soft groaning
Undertones of bass notes, drumming steady beat
Mimicking a very restless snoring giant,
rumbling from his belly while he's turning in his sleep.

Dipping, swaying branches flirting with a zephyr,
floating 'cross my face now, with fingers that caress,
bringing such a cooling freshness, brushing gently,
laden with a scent of wetness, such deliciousness!

Off in yonder distance, there's a cloud-like dumpling
Sits on the horizon, changing shape and form
Doesn't seem to be in any special hurry
A cloud with no agenda simply waiting out the storm.

The tapping of the rain is rising in intensity,
sounding like a snare drum, keeping steady beat,
bouncing off the tiny leaflets - dancing droplets,
drowning me in drowsiness and lulling me to sleep.

Wind is like the sound of brushes on a cymbal
Softening, softening, slowly dying down
Stillness in the quietness that follows after
Drip-drop, drip-drop - the last remaining sound.

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