Midsummer Blood Red July

She used to swear
they were meant to be
like mother freakin serendipity.
As if he was made just for her,
an opportunity to align a perfect pair.
But once she got where
she told him she'd be right there,
basic instinct made her steer clear,
so she ran away hiding out of her shy girl fear.
Like a little lost Bambi,
hopscotching around the Playboy Party
like a wanderlust deer.
So he selected whatever else was right near.
It all went down like a Midsummer's Night Dream.
But this tale didn't end with him and her together
like a true destined dream team.
He gave into an easy lingering dirty used rotten apple
now the homie has been under the prairie girl shackle.
His supernatural gift of loyalty once made the real ruby blush,
the littlest gestures always gave the girl such a head rush.
They say only time will tell.
But what if the universe started to yell.
He hunted her begging her to step outside of her Caner seashell.
She was born open to the world, but quickly learned about trust.
This is precisely why he gave up before he could complete his lust
but it all originated when he magically ignited her rare trust.
She still foresees his life like a strange transparent mystery
even if they're officially history.

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