Mighty America

Mighty America has come a long way
But we are far from perfect at the end of the day
As a nation of freedom we all can agree
That free we are not to a certain degree

Black men have a target and are forced to compete
We should not fear are lives when we walk down the street
No matter the crime if your black your a threat
A potential forged check is 5 max don’t forget

A young black mans killed in the hands of a cop
With a knee on his neck, couldn’t breath he yelled stop
The video went viral and the nation was in shock
And the people of America took their rage to the block

What will take for the violence to stop?
What will it take to teach these cops?
In this tragic event when all hope is gone
Our nation needs hope and change to move on

We need to move forward it’s our time to shine
Teaching and healing develops with time
No matter your race, black or white
We all are humans from sunrise to night

We need a change, a plan to be better
You can start with a hi a wave or a letter
Mighty America has come a long way
And you can help change the nation today

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