The treetops echo with avian babble
Like the din once heard from the Tower of Babel
Or maybe a symphony orchestra tuning up
Before the concert starts
The flocks send their prayers to the heavens above
The Robin, Sparrow, Crow and the Turtle Dove.
They all sing at once from their lofty perch
Serenading the sunset
We're home from our trip! They cry to the sky
From the South we flew all the way
We journey each year as you've told us to do
Your imprint on our instinct
"Fly away in the Fall and in Spring return home."
Is the code that allows us to roam.
You wrote on our souls when we were conceived
So we could fulfill Your plan
Now I look at all the cold snow on the ground
And I ask with my usual doubt
How can you find food? How can nesting be found?
How shall your new chicks make out?
But you attend to your tasks without fear or concern
As you sing your multi-voiced song
Oh, if only my Faith were as strong as your own
Perhaps I could sing along.

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