The story of all peoples
Is the story of migration
For ten thousand years or more
We've swept across the globe
Seeking hunting grounds
Or lands of milk and honey

Sanctioned by our gods
We've spread our seed
Reaching aborigines
With conquest, rape and purpose
Or with more gentle unions
Mixing language, sperm and culture

Thus we've changed the planet
With endless immigration
Multilayered, multicolored
Neither good nor evil
But the history of mankind

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This Poems Story

Irene Backalenick was a working free-lance journalist for many years, writing feature (award-winning) articles for The New York Times and other national publications. In the '80s she returned to graduate school, acquiring a Ph.D in theater criticism and moving to a new role as theater critic. For the last 35 years she has covered New York and Connecticut theater for numerous publications. Now, at age 94, she has turned to a new genre--poetry.