Of all the stars in the sky your shine shines brightest to me.

Other stars try to shine as bright as you but none of them can shine like you.

None of them are you.

Your shine is bright and beautiful it fills me with feelings that are good and new,
feelings I never want to lose.

Every night I stare up at the sky and I admire your beauty and your light.

And I love you.

Nights pass by and I am still mesmerized by your light.

My heart beats filled with love, I can feel it big, loud and happy.

I feel new,renewed, awake and I am happy, and over joyed.

For in your shine in your light I feel beautiful.....

When as if you never cared at all your light turns away from me I am confused and lost.

I watch as you take your shine away.
Your light is gone.

I watch you in anguish as you turn your shine to someone new.

You shine your light on her and she shines too.
I know the feelings she feels.

Those are my feeling! Those feeling once belonged to me!

Give it back to me, I beg and plead.


Your shine is no longer for me.

Jumping and yelling will not bring you back to me. 

My eyes fill up with the ocean and I am drowning in the cold lonely artic.

I am freezing, I have frozen my lungs fill up and up, I am drowning.

I am sinking.

I am shattered.

I am broken glass.

Like a baseball smashing through a glass window the breath is knocked out of me.

Pain is spreading through every part of me

I close my eyes, all is black.

My heart wants to burst it wants to explode.

it beats so hard 

it beats with pain

this is my heartbreak

this is my shatter

the nights go on and on and on and on and on, Stop! I cry, Stop!

The nights still come and still your shine is not for me.

Other stars still shine for me but none of these star are for me!

Your shine I still adore, even as I'm falling apart.

Your shine is gone to another and with it I wish it would have taken my heart.

This feeling, this beating, these tears are ripping me apart.

You left me and destroyed my heart.

My star is gone my light is now dark and I drown everyday in an ocean of my our tears.

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