It's been a voyage to where we stand
I recall we started on cold arid land
By then sunset meant resting our bodies
By then sunset meant being told bedtime stories
We'd lie on mats peacefully and dream
We'd dream, then wake up to tell
the dream
It's been miles from where we began
Our sole depletion show tracks we've ran

Beyond the grey hills , that's where we were
We've been guided by stars of which we stare
Through the journey we lost brothers and sisters
We've been surfing with dreamers and killers
Some turned into wolves, ruthless predators
Some turned aliens , cruel creators
We've been chased up and down
Some are kings with our blood as their crown

It's been a mile from where we started
Our kindness symbolises light we've reflected
The darker our hands , the tougher our journey was
We've been wounded and left with scars
We tripped sometimes, fell to the ground
To us wealthy never meant owning a pound
Look at our bleeding limbs and learn
We had to suffer to be stronger men

It's been miles from where we met
I can barely recall shades under which we sat
Today the fields are more greener
Today each of us is a true winner
Up there in sky our light shines
It glitters like ores from mines
But it ain't easy to forget
That in our lips were never wet

Now miles away from past, we've made it
The path was thorny where we took it
It's been miles from where we came from
But it's been through faith that we survived the storm
It's been miles to where we began
But we got here cause we believed we can

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A poem about reflecting on the life journey .