Military Funeral 2

By JennB   

The clouds wept with me. The cold wind hit it’s mark.
The black canopy swayed in the mid day dark.
People gathered slowly. Moving as if to show,
A sadness and hesitation, staring at the ground below.
Naive young uniforms saluted as you go by,
A life of service unquestioned, as I wondered why.
Kind words were spoken, but fell on sad, deaf ears.
Nothing could be said to calm and take away my tears.
The only comfort given, was the wind and the rain.
As if the earth joined in and tried to shoulder some of my pain.

Guns at ready, FIRE! I knew that they would come.
I still jumped at the sound—of all twenty one.
Folded the flag, presented it, as they lowered you in the ground.
I drowned in tears and sorrow, yet made no sound.
The rain and wind said it for me. They gave a sad long moan.
As if to speak on my behalf, “She is so alone.”
Marched in timed precision. Presented those terrible shells.
One last salute given while the bugle sounded that final farewell.
Leaving you behind, everyone slowly moved away.
They’ve played their part, they’re finished, but I’m still beside your grave.

Walking away seemed so wrong. Instead I just stood and wept.
But the wind blew cold as if to say a vigil will be kept.
I finally moved so slowly, under a new burden to bare.
It feels as if life stopped that day and my heart is still right there.
In my mind I still see you laughing. I see you smiling in my dreams.
My mind forgets you’re gone sometimes, my heart always knows it seems.
For I’ll wake in brief contentment, thinking you’re still with me.
Then my heart remembers, and tears fall quietly.
Part of my heart is gone. That part was left there with you.
My mind forgets and dreams in peace, but my heart still breaks in two.

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The only things I seemed to notice at my father’s funeral were—things. The people seemed faceless, moving en masse.