White and tasteless yet smooth
Pensively staring it down
Do I dare drink it?
I reach for the drink
Hesitantly I let it fall down my esophagus…
I put the glass down forcefully
My temper rising
I snap back into reality
I hear the gentle tapping of rain on the roof
But the milk sits there mocking me
So I try to pretend that I am not hurt by its words
It calls me names
So I attempt to defend myself
I tell this milk that it is just a nullity
The milk is taken aback…
The milk’s mouth agape
I continue, “Milk you are disdainful and lost, but I don’t blame you
for I am lost too.”
My reassuring words echo throughout the room
I feel a hand on my shoulder
Confused and interested I turn around
My friend looks at me
A bittersweet smile on their caring face
But I do not focus on their facial expressions
My eyes are drawn to the chocolate syrup in their left hand
I hand my friend the milk
They take it and open the bottle
I skeptically watch
My friend starts to pour the syrup into the glass
I observe it slowly make its way down
My friend stirs the drink until it is brown
And I suddenly feel compelled to drink this light brown concoction
They hand it to me
I take a sip
My hand trembling from panic
What if this milk taunts me too?
It rolls from my tongue and down my throat
I gulp the rest down in a matter of seconds
My friend laughs at my childlike mood
We spend the afternoon together having fun
Making memories
But the taste of that milk stays in my mouth
Indefinably good
Refreshing my mood
Though my glass of white milk hurt me
My self-esteem worsening as I remember what it said to me
Fortunately, my friend is intelligent enough to know I’m damaged by it
My friend enlightens me
Tells me I’m stunning
I smile...
White and tasteless yet smooth
It cannot hurt me anymore
As long as I have chocolate milk I will be happy

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