Millipede feeds

Curiousity sparked for that reddish gleams
Exoskeleton glints beneath the shade
It was that crawly little creature creepy it seemed
Among rot and decays; snuggled to hid

By finger poke it curled spirally from stretched
But the change of air nauseated my sniff
That pungent discharged almost made me belched
Self defences naturally is a gift

I followed it through with his thousand feet
With sense of jocosity to his journey and feat
It may not be a thousand miles from a single step
But a thousand feet that tucker the steep

Like snakily train searchily it moved
That segmented luster is a lovely imposed
Perfectly blended color it behooved
Amen; the creator who may knew the most

Suddenly it stop; "OMEGA!"; the sub-kingdom of protozoa
The jutting spread from earth that smell with ammonia
Wrap his body around stem of that little look like umbrella
Then, munched on while it thunder and lightnings foretelling rains to umbra

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This Poems Story

it came to my mind upon seeing popping bubbles in the air