Miming Money

Through all my successes
I shall silence myself
Successes define themselves
Any attempt to informally announce successes would kill successes
How can I cure the world?
You cure the world only by living in it
You live in a world free of misery despite how hard the world is by overcoming destitution
You overcome destitution by succeeding
You succeed by excelling
You excel by working hard
You base your hard work on the privileged access to compulsory resources
Through all my successes,
I shall silence myself
Successes come with responsibilities; dangerous responsibilities
It is okay to be irresponsible and unsuccessful
Risky it is to be an irresponsible champion
Responsibility is not a requirement for success
It is however a maintenance tool for secular excellence
Formality above informality
Formality makes you respectable
Even musicians have their formal ethics
Madam VMA says no "fucking"
A Literature class however, could feature a blue poem, based on poetic license
Besides, fiction is a question of "anything goes": fiction is unreal
If a song says "I'm fucking because I'm happy", we dance to it
If a poem reads "I'm fucking because I'm happy", we grade it
If Rita Ora sings "I'm fucking because I'm happy", we judge her
If Rihanna sings "I'm fucking because I'm happy", we recognize the trademark
If Beyonce sings "I'm fucking because I'm happy", we worship her
Queen Bey being the boss of female sexuality
Being an authority doesn't create an exception to formality
It creates a newer slot within formality, re-setting the standard
I am a baby authority
Working to become a full authority
Amidst all my future successes...I capture them in my established power...
I shall silence myself

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Miming money translates to slow and gradual and piling money. Money made from say, publication royalties AND the humility that comes along with learning from older authorities.