I may have a mind
But I’m not clever
I may be clever but,
I don’t have a mind;

I used to dream of falling in reverse

People tell me that I’M SOFT, NOT RESPONSIBLE
But, that’s what they think…

They don’t know the real me.
They think I’m soft, A demon,
And not protective over things

But that’s what they think…

They don’t know what’s going on in my mind

Cause inside I’m hurt and depressed while in the outside:
I’m two faced

I hear voices in my head that i can’t understand

They’re telling me to listen to them but I can’t
Because they’re evil.

I’m scared of my inner thoughts,
Because I don’t want them to come out

Outside I’m happy,
And in the inside I’m hurt

The end is never here
So take care of your fears
I’m still trying to understand why I’m so sad

Some people are good
Some are bad

I am the only one to get mad
I am filled with anger

Because I am still confused of
how I am supposed to feel

If only I had a wish
Just ONE wish:

It would be to know,
Why am I so sad?
Why can’t I ever be happy?

But I guess that wish will never come…

So for now i guess i will have to,
keep on hiding my true feelings,
And my thoughts to myself,

And keep on living with this pain that I got inside
that I don’t know how long it will last.

No one will never know what I
actually keep in my mind

Like how I will never know what
’m actually supposed to feel and

What is actually going on in my mind

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