mind and no matter

worn toes knead the ground shared with skeletons
doing, trudging, breathing, before us
same air, same land, same plight
born aged with stories embedded in our code no
one exists before me or after
dearth of evidence, evidence of deceit
milling about on stolen time
cosmos and cerebral so infinite and cryptic
hoarder’s attic strewn with temporal stamps,
totality filled with infinite nothing
akin to the darkest crevices of my mind
indeterminate in determinate cadence
a whisper not vibrated past our bones
void of melody, rhythm, and tone
the world begets nothing but chaos
not short of mine
the only constant is entropy,
changing and unraveling and expanding
into absolute oblivion, oblivious in mortal skin
futile attempts to undo linear permanence
dissolving in the ground shared with past skeletons
alive in the dead, lifeless sky
in eternal nothing
look from above and see us become schrodinger’s cat
we’re both dead and alive
existing in nothing but a cyclical line.

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