Mind and the Mirror

Roaming around with a pretty face;

Look at her,She is the princess ;

Whispers surrounded her, rather than that huge crowd;

Gossiping voices exclaimed she is the one!

Her ears clinged to those voices saying,she is the one;

The most beautiful lady in the kingdom;

The only hier of the king’s possesions.

Her ears ached,and her mind heard the voices even more loudly;

Those words echoed in her heart, like a lion’s big roar in his cave.

Back to the palace on the Chariot;

Rushed to the room chasing through the voices;

Standing front of the mirror she exclaimed….I saw myself!

A tall girl wearing a long gown with a glowing face;

Long hairs with a pretty look ;

And allured by the gold & gems covering the body;

Every aspect of her image was scrutinized;

Ultimately, making her laugh, at her virtual reflection;

Now her mind answered the voices;

She wasn’t the pretty princess, the crowd saw;

But she was a strong woman with an enlightened spirit;

She was just a simple human in disguise.

She wasn’t the wealthy fortunate girl, noticed by the voices;

But she was the person offered with lavish comforts by the lord;

And again she was just a simple human in disguise.

Her mind said she wasn’t the one to inherit the king’s possesions;

She was the one who was supposed to add to his contributions;

And Ultimately she was just a simple human in disguise;

Glanced through the mirror but noticed by the mind.


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