Mind Beauty

Come here, come close, closer
now lend me your ear, and let me whisper
your thoughts to your mind.

Why can't you see, what I see in you? Beauty..
beauty as a fresh new flower that has never been touched
the honeysuckle fragrance as in the spring time winter.

Your eyes that fore-sees only the greatness in all

The beauty of your lips, that by uttering just one word..
freezes the age of time.
Your soft touch, that is not only felt by your ageless hand
but also felt from your compassion heart

You have not only given me strength to move on, but freedom to
live without pain and worries

As a child I have only known what love is, and it has never
gone away, your words will never fade-away.

So let your beauty shine from
within your heart and let me come close to you, So that you
may whisper my thoughts to my mind.

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