Mind Field

By Jade    Avatar

I want to be extraordinary
Yet lately I just feel extra ordinary
Basic and basically not someone I believed I'd be
But this broken bias holds no weight
In this case, it's over-emotionally laced
And to face it makes me feel inadequate
I'm sick of this sickness
That creeps in with a quickness that won't quit
Because I was meant for more
The insanity that I consistently witness and listen to
Is messing with my mental fitness
See, greatness is waiting on me
The rude and intrusive illusions of uselessness
Are nothing but temporary distractions
Lacking any actual, factual aspects of truth
This path I’ve lost my way on was no mistake
It was simply mine
And I needed to remind myself to be mindful of that
Life is an emotional minefield, yet I know time heals
And any wounds I might pick up along the way
Become lessons with a message that relays:
The darkest nights reveal the brightest stars
And shadows always have the sun shining above them

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This Poems Story

I was having really negative intrusive thoughts one night and wanted to purge them from my mind while also positively reaffirming myself. This piece originally stemmed from more of a journal entry that I came back to later and tailored it to have a bit more of a creative structure.