Mind Games

When did I reach the starting line? When did we start playing?
When did I move up to places? How is it your turn again, and why am I still waiting?
When did we reach this hurdle, how did I jump so high?
How did you run right past me, headed towards the finish line?
How do you know my every thought? How can you read my mind?
Why does it feel like I’m standing still, like I’m lost still, stuck in time?
How can you say you love me, but we still are not together?
Why am I standing alone soaking wet in this stormy weather?
Why is my every thought of you, why can I feel your touch,
Why is it as soon as you leave, that I miss you so much?
A whole year has passed, and time has passed away,
The clock has stopped ticking waiting on you, to agree and no longer be afraid.
Why are you so scared to let go and take my hand?
Why are you playing mind games with me, is it because you think you can?
In this whirlwind, on this merry go around,
Spinning around and around until, I’m on the ground,
My hearts beating so fast, wondering if my puzzle has it last piece,
Wondering will I see the ending image will you be my missing link.
Playing hide, and seek, trying to see where you’ve hidden where did you even go?
Why are we not swimming anymore how did I sink so low?
why didn’t you see me struggling, I’m drowning, how come you didn’t know?
Whispering sweet nothings in my ear, you wanted that queen to be me,
Now its like you’ve changed your mind, and I’m back in the fighting ring,
Competing for you heart, again hoping to be number one,
Why are you putting me through this test, when you know where my hearts come from?
Duck, duck goose your “it” is what you say to me,
Running around in circles trying to catch you, Standing in this boxing ring.
Throwing punches at each other until, one of us is down,
My motor nerves won’t send the signal, I think you’ll get your crown.
If the mind is a terrible thing to waste, why are you playing with mine,
Are these all red flags, should I watch all the signs?
My adrenaline is racing my every thought consist of you,
But I’m tired of running this endless race, I’m tired of chasing you.
Quick to say you love me and quick to make love to me,
But the commitment stance of the situation, has you fighting desperately.
You said things have not changed but they are nowhere near the same,
Feel like I’m fighting for my life there’s no oxygen left flowing through my brain.
Going brain dead trying to find a solution,
If you love me the way you say you do, there should not be this much confusion.
I didn’t know there were guidelines I didn’t know there were rules,
I didn’t know that you could be so cruel.
Making me suffer and making me wait,
Patiently waiting for my turn, while you keep playing games.
I thought by now we would be on the same team,
But in life things are never as easy as they seem.
You’ve got my mind held captive, controlling my mind,
You have my heart on lock too, these feelings I can’t deny.
but ill back off, I’ll let you win,
even if that means that we only remain friends.
you can take the lead, take a deep breath and Breathe,
The victory is yours, I can finally be free.

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This Poems Story

this piece tell a story in itself. It shows and gives examples of how a lot of people in the world operate. too often people fall in love and fall really hard for someone who claims to be serious with them and love them back, but in reality they are just going along and playing games with the other person. sometimes people can love you but not be in love with you, and then there are times when people are in love but they don't know how to express how they feel. They are the ones that play hard to get, or the ones who have put up walls because of past pain. Which makes it harder for someone to understand them or why they are they way they are. it becomes this game and battle of understanding and sometimes people get hurt in the process.