Mind of a slave

Because of the color of my skin I was considered different played the role as her maid and as his mistress,
But Shhhhh
Those were the orders that were gave he told me I should be glad that he picked me out of all slaves.

They saw a nigga as no good for society seen so much suffering back in the day my eyesight is blindin me.
My heart was weak and my legs were defeated, trapped in a cell he called his home
As he watched one of my immates get beatin.
The tears on my face, The whips on my back, chain down from society but they didnt care about that.
I guess that's were the saying originated from you don't work you don't eat, Happiness was considered limited because it was often taken from me.
But this month right here is mine.
No longer should a generation have to suffer discrimination for mankind in which god created you either love it or hate it, But you chose hate without testing the waters of love, An a man figured it was time to speak up
Then the Civil Rights Movement begun.

I can now go to school with a different race and recieve the same education,eat with a different not having to pretend like the front entrance wasnt really a back door exit, I can now walk them same lines with a different race in succeed through a journey at which one point they didnt believe was possible for an African American like me
Martin Luther King junior he wanted peace and his I had a dream speech goes down in history.
shot in the neck on the second floor balcony.

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