Mind Psychosed Entwined plus

Dilated Abyss

Paranoid about the void in my eyes of a dilated abyss
Optical iris I miss tell I give a promiss towards bliss from a dilated abyss
No alterior motives as I live my wish of forever visuals dilated abyss
Dilated abyss riskin freedoms dilated abyss absorbing my Soul dilated abyss

Mango flavored champagne rock star and vodka with a clove cigarette
Tango made flirts amped rain rainbows floral fractals above whispered wit
from zoned hazed swerves ramp maintained cosmos autumnal fall of glistenin
Alone maze curves romancin both dros hot vizuals crawl promisin flippin
All blown becaus of the states heard advancin doz blown chronicals all on misfits tripped
Swoll known reverted to a re emerged expansion close to domes in haunted followin the Souls soft zenned unexplicit vivids

Spherical eliptickle labrynth volumatickle eclipse undr my auras eyelids
Paranormal exposed visual depth Soul elegance seein flips wonder in skysed playas
Ferris wheel fission walls rollin candy mints thunder with crys of plots spin rifts
Searin feels absynth autumnal dreamlands wits crounblin hi thoughts in an abyss

Emminence of brainwaves dissipate with a life line kumataed
When sin friends loft never promissin a new fate inside strifes of evil and good
Even ends softly put mirror spritz mist orbal traites fles sight lies on fell liquid
Seyonced bends got whispered reminissin contorted gates echoein height flights plot in lulls canyoned
Wakes in zen shot underground mountains glistin with core quakes met flowin sprite fights amidsy lit volcan roads
Mad flamin hot lava and magma poisen forlorn forks when knowin sky lights drop from sparkelin floats

Flipped impecable times forgettin clocked orbit globes sweet spritz linked whims lead flight
Spins head on soathed gleam wizardouz pit plaguing zen visual heights in demons sight
Glacerial halts fold conquered solar heart fuelled bent fates blue cry galactixes night
Fractals escape through spirolin tunnells that warp Souls into fractured multi-
-dimensionals true plights fragmenting an auditory prisms dead end climbed
Thunderin from stream slinks route swayin haze pretends surreal nights with dreams lost light
Space wrinkles awoke where domes swerve cerebellums made to find Souls statixes might
Sprayed activates truthed skys drop in one fold mapped choral construed wonder well minds
Infitesimal spinal lit in shock worlds clicked nodes feel wicks flick grounded bite
Trembelin strobes scream fiscal dust mixed wagin when fuzional vibes believen right
Spiritual all ajarred teleports cool imminents fued slide non exists sprite
Floral rest faked to lie and dip untell rollercoastin knew seutchered vaults ride
Split cognitial mimes spontanesix up lifts where seen fission heads in tide
On mergin moving jinx bouts pavin ways telekineesed fight trips weave crossed fright
Days electrical lairs float curves where liminals frayed moves blind subconscious signed
Fate of lived states use lives optickle illusional thoughts glued on earths fall skied

Internal life narratively induced in its indulged subconscience inverted back and reversed vice versa
Sins where fallen strifes give care the lift of futurous end bulges on fends of lines palm read showin plights for eras
When visuals left crys that my wavelengths had been drippin into the fused wits of sprinkelin friends off in the skys distant hoverin Souls
Even the real follows of a high were blocked with minted meds that took what I think from depths so I fend to not remind legions of auras
Believin feelin dropped like an autumn night where shockin wet maps sun in breaths when memories thunder flew inside boltz
Reliefin whith the shieldin of my heart from the hot of demon fights with horns and talons scarin the drempt of my wonder blue drugged height loves

Entised peripherals rememberin trips desirin embers external indulgence
Sun rise tunnellin flips slipped intisin flexes on a nexuses existence
On skys inverted well where spheres glow lift in frys bendin light hex of audios flexed plexus
True ties transversin fell from the sdvisin of Angel crys next to soft sltruisms towards us
Blue nights literal sensations spells of dawn craftin horizon spherical coccentrickles test of reverted unescape for trust
Fued cries on spiritual family trees zapped endin strifes century standin lives finessed and crossed saved memories for Jesus

This is for the scatters scatterin scatteful hearts and the shatterin shatters shatterful Souls
And the shatterin shatters shatterful hearts and the scatters scatterin scatterful Souls
Dont get lost in a world of melting walls melting walls seeing sound seeing sound and hearing light hearing light
I was enduring pain pain with hallucined fame fame and repeatin the realm of the insain insain
Repeatin the realm of the insain insain with hallucinated fame fame while enduring pain pain
I was lost in a world of melting walls melting walls seeing sound seeing sound and hearing light hearing light
This is for the shatterin shatters shatterful hearts and the scatters scatterin scatterful Souls
And the scatters scatterin scatterful hearts and the shatterin shatters shatterful Souls

Invisible mean ghost chokin because wingless angel couldnt have dates jee
I was able steamed to host floatin secrets unless I bell in fron of aids see
Vision still whole heat flames commotin earths let of test to tell she wants me stayed bee
Wishin real Soul meets aims of spoke on birth met regress to well reincarnate free
Fusion heals pulls rain emotes depth let the best to dwell bein for fated tree
Her boyfriend still roll sain and holds death bed caress unshelled thoughts eternity
Ploy end will full gain plans goal left said true bless morals brought and learned lively
Toyed trends shallow main spans woes lept played rudest code fgall caught pranked inside me
Destroyed by the overly concerned vent feel bent thrills learned to flighten and paranoid
Decoyed as oly hid psycho wards went chill with pills blurred to die in from a ployed
Now troyed lore fell when told about wermed riddle for scrilla hear spys gladly poisened
They toyed and conspired to us threatened untill our wills yearned scopes high roads to avoid
Told her a bad earth pit was colder money to the raked foes talkin a labotomy
Thunder that would sear kid from wonder stunning with electro shockin to hurt therapy
Bold hurts known chill here it cant Soul cured running wit saw fret roamed walkin medicatedly
Under a hid pyramid in blunder above me hectickle woes bookin for eternity

Two glowstickle alive merge emoted its brain kept depth for waves and then shock
Now swervin seen heights fix of the insane yet regret waded in plots
Elixer of light curvin and relayin in cried unfaded slipped thought
Sound had blurred in fight wits where were stayin when a Soulmated had been tossed
Real law steppin penitrated twirled bustin pumped fought pits from a blurred route for wins time countin slaught
Infra button activated friend trusted fun skull hits meant occurred stout war spins high mountains fought
Drippen spectrums fallen out lit from diamont front bullets with murdered doubt crows dodged skys cloud felt hot
Vendettas lippin all about it combusted from rippin whe worded out of the primal to chalk
Assylum life begun and spit into a vent acapella hip hop
Pills numb nights had spun standin to pit never havin an end or stop
Chills haunt no wife stun demandin that forever pretend grown in plot
Thrills gone years sight wrong no girl drempt will love me even sendin her talk
Out repeated clouds and philosophical times catchin flack geys you from a quack
Doubt defeated proud stands real lows fickle primes matchin lack of blues maniac
Route through meetin bouts meds attack of clues in word stacks drippin cosmos entwined on heights
Out with greeded route lends knack of truths comin back livin for God shields time for flights

Facade of a body blockin hidin who I am understand walkin without the talk
Fought all the spawed shots and sidin with the real wonderin mockin the doubt of flocks
Flop hollow shocked spots and findin the dreams realms smotherin tropics fell out of locks
Dropped shallow thoughts stopped thinkin with girl bends motherins tragic without me lost
Our romance enchants a stance drinkin nice strawberry soda soldin our hands
Your advance then lands kissed trance clinkin ice fall barely cloned love flowed wins hours span
Were in dance entranced whisped glance winkin twice on my aural floatin dreamlands
Swapped Soul lows hot flawed and brinkin begun of other sins magic rerouts streets crossed
Window tints with glintz for hints glitz spritz cicular rainbows on flipped trips
Cosmos flints with mints pretends glowstickes lit extraterrestrials encrypted lips
Chose clinks for squints of bent candlewicks flicks burnin typical warm liquid drips
Snows think towards blinks girlfriend tongue sticks licks morning fall flakes flied unhid
Robbed and sold thought heart throbbed reputation escaped lost to my foes
Stopped and told caught theives dropped regulation unfated tossed a lie chose
Frost ice whole life hot leaves stopped destruction of time seen frayed flossed awry and rose
Rainbows drink plurred pretend wishin with a spritzed warm dawn love fled in heights

Mind Psychosed Entwined

An aura talks from a Soul on equal moral falls Mind Psychosed Entwined Mind Psychosed Entwined
Reply in some memories vivid visual follows Mind Psychosed Entwined Mind Psychosed Entwined
Real high lend crumblin friends spaced barriers of sorrow Mind Psychosed Entwined Mind Psychosed Entwined
Chill finds wonder if ends traced care here for tomorrow Mind Psychosed Entwined Mind Psychosed Entwined

Enchanted chills all wet lived spells of dendritickle mind brightens
Romance hid hollow glown dance lit follow advance dipped sorrow
Met rifts melt loft in said drifts spell soft spins read lifts sheild off when
Trickin hind sight in mixin lime light when slicken in time fightin
Enhanced wills in collective telekinetickles enlightened
Slow glancin shallow told last in spirols known blast in cosmos
Left ripped hells of binges flipped shell thought cringes lipped dwells loud flinch
Shiftin heights end then kidden sight friends when ridden flights fendin
Linked past fled real lows swettin moleculed in sheds of lightning
Crumblins cried wallow rolled in frys fall blown lasted hi domes toll
Slept in yells caughed singes clipped felt hot tinges bit still doubt cinched
Winks cast in healed shadowed blinks over puddled bitter dying
Rumblins tied troubled Souls suprised crawl shown drastickle tries roamed cold
Immortal soft invincible spot tickles lid spilt clouds clenched
Skpippin scrys when brinked sunrise bendin thinked liquid cries unzenned

Missin inside heart aches and a dwelled spin of hurt agony
Soft flirts dodgin me thought worse ragin free plot thirst crushin tree
Fakes stand on real bends fate planned long spell fends slayed sand spawned fell ends
Whispin when liars brisk thinnin mind hours risked again time cowers
Listenin scrys Soulmated obsessin love bursts blatently
Off massajin dreamoness lacin feel locked blurrs touchin seas
Makin wrongs sealin faded strong well depths frayed auras Souls in
Wicks wincin fights burn pits dancin flights born in wishin lives cure

Fireworks encompassed with purple haze from methods trie Soul thoughts mixin
Worse dire lovin trips last over lunjed daze planned said plots flewn girls blissen
Flight flirted surfaced misted cool maze runin back to a fox flippin
Swerves liar often dipsfast cloverin ways spanned met four clued riskin zen
Sky hovers lock whispin slipped twirl positions fled under galactickle spins
Burrs higher off endin masks after inlays landed scores fuelin blinked friends
Wire flutters shock liquids drip world abyssed minds wet wonder whirl dancin stem
Cures violet soft hid shed cries mapped blurrs in days ancient froze oceons clinked dreams

Mica coats over dimensions demon shuns worse parallel
Likin florescent reflections dreamin under pairs of spells
Wintergreen mints statickle shock bit lit talk licked glad with mirror friend
River sheen brings magic dark hidden walk drifted clifts clear where bends
Hike explorin dens deflection streamin water plasma glows
Sight winds roarin sean t meet slept flames leanin warp swerves bask candles
Spintering glinced carnival kiddin on misted rift tears stearing
Glitter spring crysalis girls weddin from kissin years dearly

Kind friend soarin streeted aimed limit over acid doze
Times when worlds spin seen sped tame lit ends cold years positions
Wit words thinkin all voiced circuls lead brung risks internally
Missed cures blinkin still choices whole rid promisses where fally
Finds one worried meetin pain spirited care from hid snows
Spinal nerves repeatin insain fear inlid slayer when fret chose
Whispered brinks in real noises walk bets on mist is cleared gone free
Next hurt drinkin chill tells trust karmas dawn in fixed peers friend key

Soul Nerves

Walkin back to Soul Nerves for a new days moral attempts with Soul Nerves
Droppin down into my Soul Nerves from a skys departure of laced Soul Nerves
Real in a literal midst of Soul Nerves transelated from thoughts to the primal Soul Nerves
Soul Nerves controlled from emotions with evasion of conceptuals depth from Soul Nerves

Sauna shot welds peel inverted blotter lysidial foe sluffed scratches sear-
-in all tunnells sequalled worlds teleport skyed globes rough shivers heard
Throbs slowed up in unallowed life particals sworn literal suffocations
Then shadowed ends defeat suicide pitted to explore rips tjork answered drift
Saw words syrum undrempt high where mental conscious alterin viscals
Fizzions blatent redeemed moral assent tries win had moods split ends cured spi-
-ituals latency developed since sin fries sinjin truthes lit Soul zen burns sealed
Lost rare fluffed devotion cries aired vents tare the shields meld of hot salt soft tears
Clenched collumnal secret folssills winced strict nine fling distorted swollen torn spells
Flaw glares when dreamin friends lie sharin held wrongs flux in worlds depth
Cause pairs of emotions and tied care linked tails melted thoughts awared breath
In Soul troubles reveal worlds repellant time exempt foldin domes forever healed
After all uncovered alive plots wit holdin recent found past of laufin labrynth-
-es years hollow spun folds derive in molded demon bouts lofted scrambled dawn and dusk
Flossed earth tough in a Soulful mind fork trip vulnerably dealt adventurous
Sonar reconstructed my cerebellum in overlapped visuals

Thunder from the suns light tumbelin swum through space flight
Wonder in friends withs orbs insight Croumbelin flossed an auras might
Fumbelin thoughts deported enlightenment that was fought and contorted a slight
Subconsious pot in a core primal cerebellum started a plight
Dodgin depths were conceptualized falls where the spells bend hearts in a quiet
Multiple dimensions peerin to lies woes care link dwells on a girls dippin times
Undone drips found some sculpturalized Soul sharin the sunk shells endin hurt with the cries
Puddles tinge of the vulnerable highs cloud pairs clicked in electrickle brancheswith spite
Rumbelin doubt had just realized now aware of split immortal finds
Found levels route years suffice unscared lit glintz in the portals of eyes
Bouncin tells counterin the tides under lifts to soft internal tries
Alone yet tegother unfurlin ties the wether of neural vocals left cures in minds
Holdin love in laufs glossed words entised when the fun lead trust that mesmerized
Showin clocks spin off years of nice growin up as lept dusk is still dawn in the skyz
Glowin locked up both fearin icickles grudges will frosted denies
Knowin shocks above clear suprize goin on for Soulmate hopes eternalized

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