Mind+decisions/heart =choices

Fighting Feelings.
What does it mean to Fight?
Normally it is against someone else,but this fight is different.
It is against your mind and your heart.
Which do you choose to listen to?
What provokes you to make the decisions?
When something happens normally you have someone to tell?!?
What happens when they are not there?
You fight the feelings you want to do.
To accompany what you believe is right.
In the end is it right, or you fighting for no reason?
You try filling the void, but it never seems to get filled.
Regardless of what you try!
You fight your mind, but your heart always wins.
Your mind looks towards the future, but your heart feels the present.
So in the end one person loses, but in reality no one wins.
After a fight things do not make sense right away
In the end we see things that were not visible,then that make sense.
So that it will help us love and be loved.
So when you love,love hard because your heart will never forget.
They say it takes a strong person to walk away from a fight.
When your heart tells you this is the right choice for the present.
Will you listen?
So that person will love you later and understand your decisions.
So that your next fight,love will prevail and make your choices
So Does your mind make decisions or does your heart make choices.

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