Minding Time

A ticking clock, the cranking of its gears,
Works harmoniously to keep the world
In time and on schedule for everyone's
Lives to operate in an organized fashion.

The gray matter stored within each of our heads
Is used and works in different ways for everyone;
Some struggle more than others to turn each gear.
Thinking becomes a job for the weak.

Those who don't crank the gears daily
Acquire rust in each little crevasse,
Resulting in more work for those who don't want to try,
Separating the strong-minded from the absent.

Clocks work hard to keep everyone on time.
Without a proper balance of thought in life,
Nothing will be able to sync if the insides
Are rusty and dysfunctional from neglect.

Those who are strong will know their place and time
In this world. People who are weak will
Struggle to see their end; for them their
Ultimatum will come fast and hit hard.

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