Minnesota Heartbreak

Minnesota can grow so cold,
not just as the winter months unfold
but as I grow old and my body begins to decompose.
As the frigid winds blow it only goes to show
that the life I led started to get to my head.
Icy patches fill the streets
as I yearn for my glory days in the summers heat.
I shovel my driveway almost every day
if only it was so easy to clear my pain away.
As the temperature begins to drop
I wonder if its ever going to stop.
as the snow continues to fall
I ponder if my life makes any sense at all.
Blizzards roll throughout the state
filling my mind with a feeling of deep hate.
It just seems to get colder every day
until I realize winter isn't here to stay.
Spring will come and I won't have to see another icicle
and I can just enjoy the day and ride my bicycle.

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