Miracle baby

December 23rd an angel came to me,to save me from myself.
I was blind before that and could not see. But you changed all of that
brought me peace and harmony. Through your birth you revealed to me
to me that some of the people I called friends were actually my enemies.
How could on the one hand they say they love me yet my son is an extension of
me and they loved him not?. And if they loved him then why did they want to
break my new family apart?. They didn't want to understand that I had to be a man
and they wanted to throw a wrench into my plans. The day you were born I said wow
what a sight,the miracle of birth the miracle of life. You made me forget about
all the struggles of life. I left those people in the past for you because
to me you were priceless and worth all the sacrifice. And I thought to myself if the
only thing I could do all day was stare into your eyes then that would suffice.
Your birth was living proof of the divine and when I looked into your eyes
I felt our souls intertwine.Your my miracle baby, you were the angel that God
sent to save me. Your birth inspired me to never give up no matter what because you
fought tooth and nails for you life as me and your mother sat next to your
incubator. I prayed for God to take me instead of you I was ready to sacrifice
and going through that time I did not think life was being very nice.
But when you pulled through I knew that were born to be my inspiration to live. 2 days before Christmas a prince was born to a young man that was feeling torn,
your birth made me feel reborn. You are a big part of what keeps me going,every year that passes I have the
honor of seeing you growing. I love you Jr.You truly are and always will be my miracle baby that saved me, from me.

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