With tired and aching sunburned hands
I crawled across the scorching sands
of the desert called "Man's Loneliness and Yearning".

I cried out in the sleepless nights for water.
And as the midday summer sun got hotter
I stared up at the cloudless sky.
I didn't have the tears to cry.
My soul was parched.
My throat was dry.
I wondered Is this how I'll die ?

I couldn't see.
I couldn't think.
I passed out dreaming of a drink.

The vultures circled overhead.
They must have thought that I was dead.
I couldn't move or make a sound.
They landed, standing all around.

I saw an angel standing there
with sweet brown eyes
and long brown hair.
I struggled for a breath of air.
Her hand reached through the blinding glare.

She led me to a grove of trees
with a clear blue pool
and a cool fresh breeze.
And as I fell down on my knees
I woke up...
remembering Egniz.

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