A reflection of self through a glass
that collocate a reflection on self.
A worthiness through an image that is seen,
but unforeseen to the untrained eye.
It is more than a physical being that stares back.
Though eyes wish to destroy the figure in effigy.
It should be nurtured as the personage it is.
Who am I?.
What is my purpose?.
Can't be answered by the silent figure
that stares back at you.
The personage that is nurtured or abused
has to deal with the reflection itself.
To reflect on self is to deal with self.
The image in the glass is mobile so long
as the physical being is.
The sagacious thinker is in tune with the image.
I am beauty.
I am of love.
A fine locution does the body good.
A nourishing through the soul that can
generate radiant light that bounces
off of that reflection.
A light that emits bright beams of joy
that illuminates the entire being.
I am healed.
I am peace.
I am no longer emulating what could have been.
The reflector of the reflection is unmistakably authentic.

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Gardenia is an educator, spiritualist, and creative person. She believes in a firm expression of creativity. Her mission is to raise creative awareness in the world. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's in education and another in metapysical sciences. For more on Gardenia, visit www.jusbnme.com.