The women in mirror is broken . Her heart been drove alot . She been kick slip hurt in every way. She cry in silence. She good in hiding her feelings. She is weak but strong. Her heart been broken many time .she dont know how to love. She have to learn to love again .There try to break her . She have to learn to get back up again. She dont like to look at her self in mirror. Mirror see right dove her . She cant hide her pain .She wonden how can she be stand. How can she love ? When everyone try to break her. She been lie to many times. She look for love all the wrong places. She wonders who will love her.she have to teach her self to love and truth again .she have to truth her heart again . Her heart let her down so many time .only thing she wanted to be love . Can her happiness come true ? Is her love is neaf . She wonders! Is there a men for her , she wonder. The women in mirror ask who will want her . She is broken . She dont know how to love . She stand alone . Is there hope .she wonders do love really exist. She tired been victim. She been abused. She is loving,caring, sweet ,kind . Her weakness is truth people. She thought know one will love her . Tell one day she meet a men . He is caring , kind ,lovable . When I look in his eye I see a men who been drove alot in the world. I wonder if I can trust him . I put a wall around my heart . He wont break her. She have to take her time .There said love conquers all . She wonders if that true . She always looked for that special one who love her for her . He will do anything to keep there love alive . Did she find it or just another let down ? Time will still all . The women in mirror looked for love . She scard of giving her heart out . She tired of being a victim. He try to reach out to her . She wonders can this be true . Or another broke promise. Can he see her drove the pain and scared? She wonders! She only wanted to be love and happy. She want her heart to sang of joy. Can she be strong to love again ? Time wil
l tell. She dont know how to loved or if love is neaf .only thing she know when she gave her love out to a men .she get hurt . So why love have to heart . Her heart control her and her brain listen to her heart. The brain make her strong. The love make her weak . There said follow your heart . How when it broken and it stir her wrong. He try to love her . He show that he can be trust . How can she know is reall ? She wonders.He told her she can trust him and he not like the other. To gave him a chance . She scard too trust him . Does he know that love is hard for her ? How can she trust him ? When only thing she know it been hurt. She want to love him .she wait for the day when he live her and said it not a neaf . But love couge all . Her heart yell out her becareful. Her brain said follow your heart. Her heart said Remmber the past . The brain said moves to further. Put your trust in god . He will never let you down . God is love . So she decided to love again with caution. That only thing she can do . Trust in god he will never hurt her and let her down . So she open her heart alittle to the men she meets. He never gave up on her . He show her that love is reall . But he also showed her that love cant be a neaf . Then she wonders how can she be happy when everytime she love something go wrong. She been hurt all her life. No one ever loved her the way she support to be loved . My heart been broken so why u loved me she asked him . He look at her said I love you . Then her heart just skip a beat with fear It is true she ask her self . Can he really love me ? She wonders if this is reall . He show her so much but he also let her down couple time . So now she asked her self does love conker all. Why love have to be so hard . The lady in mirror wonder if she open her heart to him . Will he keep her heart safe. So many questions not aneaf answers. He never gave up on her. He show her she spacial. He love her ever day . He show her that love is real .That I can trust him
. But how when he looked at me in way that no one ever looked at me that way before. He is a good men . But he hide behind his past . He was hurt before. But now he happy . But do love have the answer. She wonders. She put her trust in god that he will show her the answer she looked for . She will never for get the past . She in present with him . Hope for further. The love he gave her is reall . She will take one day as time . But she will never be a victim again . Because her hurt is strong and her gear is up . I have faith the god will gave me the answer. That she search for the answer. So when she look in mirror only thing she see is pain . But that pain will make her strong. She fall and god will pick her up . She wonders did god sent her angel ? Time will tell. Wonders if her love for him will conquer all evil. God told her dont look for answers in mirror. Look for answers in me . Pray and have faith . Love your self first. Then love ! Be strong and keep your head up . You wont be a victim no more . You have the answer. Dont be a victim be a savior. Listen to your heart . Keep your gear up . Follow your heart but listen to your brain . I can only belive that love does happen when u not looking for it . You will know when it does . Keep your head up . Tell the lady in mirror you are beautiful and brave . You came out the storm and you are free from the pain that life have giving you . Dont look back look ahead . Follow your heart .remember god is love . One day she will learn to love again .she open her heart to him . She told him I love you and I wont take this for granted. But he need to show her that there love for each other , can go drove everything. But if she feel like she going to get hurt again . She will build that walls with god help . No one will ever hurt her again . She have god by her side .he will help her drove the pain and the fear . She will pray for him that evil will let go he will be free. God bought them together. Love keep them together
. But if love keep them together. Fear will keep them apart. So love have to be strong. She look in mirror I see something she have see in long time is peace that she felt in her heart . Love that she have for him is real. But he will have to prove to her ever day that he will stand by her matter what . She will have to prove to him she there with him . That she is his straight. There are in this together. One day she will said I do to him so god can see what he have bought them together. But there love like a rolled coaster. There will have there up and down . Love. Time will be on there side . God will be watch them to make sure there be safe from evil. Love is so many things. I have to teach my self to love my self first . To be happy what god have giving me . To see my self in people eye. Have to live the past behind me . Have to learn to forgave the people who hurt me . When she look in mirror what does she see ? Pain hurt low self stream. She have to look at her self with different ways. She have to remain her she not that victim no more . She have to teach her self to be happy again . She have to smile more less crying. She have alot to learn . Life true to bring her down but god lift her up . When she around him she wonders what his heart fill . Does he know I love him ? She wonders. One day she won't be afraid to Express her feelings to world. She scard to open her heart and speak out the truth. Do she love him ? Yes with her heart.She stand by her men . But she wont let evil beat her . She will fight to keep her happiness. She look for love all her life . How do she know this is love ? She dont ! But she can trust god . She have faith . She will stand tall . She wont break . She wont be a victim. She will stand tall and belive everything will be ok . He is my everything. He is my best friend. Is he perfect no ,I am no . Can this work ? Hopefully with alot patience. Is he strong yes .does he make mistakes? yes so do I. We learn by it . We bring each other u
p . But I wont let evil win . I will fight to keep my happiness. I just have to take baby step .walk in faith.Never look back . She choice to be happy .she wont take life for granted.

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