Mirror Image

Mirror, Mirror
On my wall
Why is it that when I look at you
I do not see my face at all?
Instead I see a different face
Staring back at me
Can you tell me how this came to be?
That is not me!
That's not my face!
It's like I'm staring into
A different Realm of time and space
Everything around this "me"
Is all distorted
All curved and twisted and all contorted
The hollow black eyes
And the vacant blank stare
Obviously tells me that no one is there
With a quick little movement
This thing then smiles
Revealing a blood stained toothy grin
That makes me want to bolt from the room and run for miles
But instead I can not move
My feet are planted
It suddenly chuckles
What a demonically low pitched evil little sound
It runs its hands across the mirror
Making tiny web-like cracks appear
The cracks spread
Like wild fire over the mirror
All the while this demon grins from ear to ear
Drawing back a cold dead fist
It strikes at the glass
Making pieces fly at my face like a sharp clear mist
It cut my face and I start to bleed
I'm all alone in my time of need
Rubbing at my face makes the glass dig in worse
I scream, I cry, and I curse
Stopping dead in my movements when I hear another chuckle
I peer through my blood filled haze
My face and my eyes burn and hurt
In so many ways
There's no one here, I'm all alone
Why does my hand hurt?
Looking down I see a piece of glass
Stuck to my hand in a death-like grasp
My mirror is gone, pieces are everywhere
And suddenly I realize
No one but me was ever truly there

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