Mirror Mirror!

Just the other day I gazed into my mirror and did not like what I saw!
I looked into my mirror and said, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all
I did not like the reply I got and I wanted to smash it against the wall!
Then a dear friend of mine reminded me of what his mirror sees
He told me, “My mirror; It will look beyond the exterior and show a woman who is good and kind
It would show you things about yourself where you have been blind
He went on to say the mirror would show a gracious and godly woman who is full of faith
Not a woman that is sad, depressed, yet it would show a woman sure of herself in every way
His mirror would show things that needed changing and altered but always with love no condemnation
Instead of me seeing myself in the worse way possible and giving in to all the world’s temptations
He said I would not want to break my mirror instead of seven years of bad luck as the myth does say
I would have seventy times seven years of blessings as that is God’s way!
Don’t be so hard on yourself and start seeing yourself the way God created you for He makes no mistakes!
You are made from His image and everything He does is real nothing fake

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