Mirror Mirror

searching inside myself to find out exactly who you are.
Its strange because the person looking back at me is not me by far.
We share the same eyes, the same lips, the same thighs, the same when, where, how and why\\\'s?
So much hate, so much fear, through the shattered mirror the broken heart is very clear.
tissue boxes left empty upon a night stand, the true meaning of love one may never understand.
like the shards from my broken mirror due to the pain that was made.
hating you feels like an eternity that this has been going on.
I hate myself for being so vulnerable and suseptible to the games that we played.
Losing a race that I never agreed to join has me caught up emotionally and tripping over my own two feet.
So emotionally damaged, heart broken in more pieces than i can bare.
Friends that are there for me, say they love me, but in the end I dont care.
Look into my eyes and tell me what is it that you see?
the love that was stolen, my heart that was broken, the life that you stole , the pieces that I was left alone to remold.
Hurt, abandoned, confused, and misused.
feeling like I have an emotional curse, not knowing quite what to do.
I love your beautiful smile and that twinkle in the corner of your eye.
Why oh why are you sad, and why everytime do you cry.

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seeing myself for who I am