Mirror, Mirror

when you step in front of a mirror
do you see a
reflection of the truth?
the sleek, frigid glass
piercing into the soul
that dares
to look in.
its innocence hides in its
dark, wooden frame
as if to unleash its grace
that is concealed in its crevices.

courage must be sought and found to look the Mirror in the eye;
with its cold hard stare
that sends shivers down your back
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of them all"?
Do you prefer the lies of your wishes, or
the painful reality that holds your identity?

the Mirror reveals far more than looks;
for the closer you, the more you uncover.
in darkness there is no purpose, in light it is all you rely on.
even in shards where I lay broken and shattered,
I still grasp every bit of your

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