Mirror Mirror on the Wall

By Karina   

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Will I ever be the fairest of them all?

Staring at this bare reflection
The beginning of my new obsession
Making a list of all my imperfections
Believing this is the only way I’ll receive affection

Chronic tugging, dreaming of man-made distortions
Using these standards as a form of extortion
Making my face a master of contortion
And if it doesn’t go well it would be my own misfortune

Poking and prodding at my skin
Finding all the places that could use a trim
Controlling my portions so maybe I’ll be thin
The lack of food is making my head spin

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?

Show me now who is society’s latest collection
With their perfect bodies and clear complexion
Give everyone their rose-colored glasses so you can alter their perception
Put the needle away, I don’t want your damn injection

Put us in boxes and have us apportioned
The ones who miss the mark and those who have perfect proportions
Patiently watching them go through torsion
Getting used to the pain and becoming coarsen

Everyone worried about what’s in the mirror rather than within
Putting plaster on their faces, from forehead to chin
Realizing now, I can’t help but grin
I look the same as before, which means I win

Mirror mirror on the wall
I will never be the fairest of them all

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This Poems Story

This poem is a story about a girl who struggles with self-image due to societies standards but finds a way to accept herself for the way she is and not for the way people want her to be