Mirror on the Wall

Here you are again
Looking back at me. while I look at you
Sometimes it's like you're looking through me
You're the only one that ever notices
You see everything that I don't
The truth is you've been here forever
You can see the darkness I hide
Really you're the only one that knows what's inside
When I look at you I see my past and future

We can't deny who we are
We can't hide what we've become
Why quit when we've come this far?
We have more work that needs to be done

Don't look away from this
Walk away, there's something you might miss
Your life is lined up for you so don't lose it
You can't hide anything if you already show it

Just look at me when I'm speaking to you
Really I'm looking through it all
Seeing your rise and fall
Guess you haven't figured it out
This is what you are meant to be
There's so much you have yet to see
I can still see you through the cracks
Unlike them I have your back
For I am the mirror on the wall

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