As i look in the mirror, i vision myself,
Although foggy the mirror, I still see myself.
The curves and the features, how clear could it be,
The mirror is so dark, that i just can't see.

As I look in the mirror, I feel like im blind,
Feeling the hurt, its the blur in my mind.
Constantly telling me, that I'm not enough,
The look on my face, doesn't look very tough.

As i look in the mirror, I wish i could change,
Wipe it away, with the tears from my face.
Constantly flowing, just knowing the pain,
The mirror is clouds, and my tears are my rain.

As i look in the mirror, I feel like I'm numb,
Saying that I, am so stupid, and dumb.
I open my heart, to the ones that i love,
But then it still shatters, oh look where I've come.

As i look in the mirror, I see nothing at all,
I look through it deeply, i see nothing but wall.
Breaking it down, would be a pleasure to see,
The cement keeps me here, in this mirror I'll be.

As i Look in the mirror, I hope for a sign,
A sign i have something, to give in my time.
Will someone please save me, and show me the way,
Tear down my walls, so that i see my face.

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