Mirrors are funny things
they never show you what you wanna see,
you can stare into them for hours
but they never show who you need to be.

Who is this girl?
What happened to her heart?
Did the pain of life
really tear it apart?

This girl is me
drowning in silent tears,
This girl is me
facing constant leers.

Forever burned
by childhood trauma,
Trapped in hurt
by everyday drama.

Putting on a smile
when inside I want to cry,
Living this life
when inside I want to die.

Its funny how I can fake it
and most people cant see,
whats really in my head
p*ss unknown except to me.

Silent screams
condemned in my mind,
Invisible tears
no one else can find.

Sometimes I'm fine
but that can change in a blink,
flashbacks come
and my mind wont think.

I have constant memories
of my past I regret,
I don't want to remember
I wish I could just forget.

The things iv been through
should make me strong,
so why at times
do I feel that's wrong?

In the mirror I see
a girl with a happy face,
but when I look harder
all I see is an empty case.

Flashbacks always come
even though I don't let it show,
Memories that wont stop,
the past that wont let me go.

At times I love my life
and the people in it,
other times I hate this world
where I feel I just don't fit.

In the mirror I see
a hidden me,
hidden behind a smile
where no one else can see.

Deep in my mind
where I sit and wait,
for the memories to go away,
memories of the past I hate.

This is the sad
bipolar side of me,
where nothing is quite
how it seems to be.

This poem is depressing,
this poem is bad
but its the truth
and that's whats sad.

Mirrors are funny things
you cant see very far,
you can stare into them for hours
and never see who you truly are.

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