You mirror the image of the light in me
See my heart gives even when this world takes
Like the leaves from an autumn tree
You magnify all that I can be
So that the warmth of the sun's/son's rays can be felt
On imperfections on the surface of my skin
There comes a high,
When you highlight the light that shines from within their smiles
We are scarred and polished souls soaking in your unwavering love,
Looking for hope
Yet you see beyond the image that everyone sees
Because you never cease to see through the window of my soul
The horizons to my shores
Constantly the ocean waves and crashes into my sand castles
Because you know that it's your kingdom come
Not my will that needs to be done
So I run and run until my problems run out
Before the land that I stand on
But really that doesn't always happen the way I picture it

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As a poet, poetry has allowed me to turn my stories into vivid images through writing. With poetry I look to inspire others to be aware of the world around them and to open their eyes and hearts to change for the betterment of society through life-touching creative writing and heart-driven actions.