Miserable Duckling

I say I love you,
but you hate me.
How can you call yourselves
my family?

You are unsupportive
and unkind.
To you, I can't speak
what's on my mind.

I don't ever know
what you're going to do.
Will you insult me
or assault me?

You are so utterly rude,
showing no remorse
when I plead to you;
I've helped you
and sacrificed everything,
Just so you could give me nothing but
misery and pain.

A horrible weight
on my brain.
It hurts my heart,
that you won't even let me start
to explain how I feel.

You walk all over me
like clowns on a banana peel.

I hope you know
what you've done to me,
because this apple will fall
far from the family tree.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written at a time that I recognized my family did not appreciate or truly love me.