She loves company
wish she just leave people be
No one wants you
Everyone runs
Many die behind her
Kill there selves all messed in mind
time steady fly's
But oh still there she is
Old misery
Wondering how she came to be
Many go insane and can't take her pain
It seems like she doesn't go but remain
Why misery
Do you love to watch people lose it
While you abuse and misuse
Answer misery
She stands but no answer
Doesn't have to use her hands
A smile on her face
While many cry and walk by and pace
She looks as people die
And she knows it's because of her
But some hold on
Praying and believing
Through god's faith there grace for
She doesn't realize she has to fight
grace and faith
Hold on they say
Misery won't stay
Just keep god first
And pray

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