Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company
Broken poor trash which degrades & defiles.
You lied to the courts, judge, mediator, minor's counsel, & district attorney.
A backstabber, 2 faced, hypocrite, who commited perjury.
A hunchback hammertoed hefer who gets fatter.
You live in a hoarded urine stenched sty.
Quality is not something you search to buy.
You settle for shit bit by bit.
On your fat ass you sit.
Your boobs sag.
Your a decripid old hag with saddle bags.
You destroy relationships.
You can't form your own friendships.
Your a judgmental, prejudice, anti-social, psychotic, hermit crab.
Your a heartless blackheart who back stabs.
You take what's not yours.
By manipulation, cheating, stealing & lying.
You want my child motherless.
Your an evil diease.
Your thoughtless, your lies don't put me as ease.
You divorced my dad.
You took all I had.
You can't control your bladder.
What I want to you does'nt matter.
Greed you sought.
Your lies I fought.
You spread hate in your old lady disguise.
You believe your so clever, deceitful, & wise.
You have cellulite, verocross veins, & cottage cheese thighs.
A meat loving satanic caravore.
Who slams the door.
Pees on herself & the floor.
Has a greed for more. Always settles for poor. Vendictive evil without a cure. My life is smeared a blur from everything I am & once were.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

Dedicated to mummy "dearest

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