A decision made long ago.
Here goes..
Memories flashing
A vivid halo begins its wave,
Crashing the hue of reality.

Suddenly an arena pixelates,
The sound of cheer overloads the channels of my ears.
The intoxicating odor of success fills the beds of my nostrils.
An overdosing amount of energy pounds the walls of my heart.

The race has begun.
I’ve already lapped and realized the starting line doesn’t look the same as before.
Browsing to see the audience and arena has changed.
I open my ears to hear a different chant;

Suddenly a race that seemed a perfect challenge is actually a pit of lack;
Lack in lust for achievement.
A perfected decrescendo of the crowd’s noise as I falter in pity.
I bend as if bowing in humiliation; Defeated.
Silence roaring louder then the waves crashing in a storm.

Moments pass as if they mimicked centuries.
Awaiting the miserable arrival of judgment,
The sounds of the grandfather clock’s pendulum clacking back and forth resonates
The question of fate pounds the walls of my head;

I stand Misfooted.
With the will to create my judgment;
With the strength to follow the path of my fate;
Lastly; with the confidence of this being the lowest chapter of this misguided fortune named “life”

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