Misgiuded Desires

A touch. So magnificent, so gentle,
Like God's hand caressing the moon.
"A picture perfect moment."
I lust for you, I need no other. Your energy is like no other.
But can you even be real?
Your nature is unimaginable. Your spirit, sublime.
People like you are only heard from in stories.
The hero, the saint.
My dreams revolve around you.
Your presence like no other, it brings joy and laughter,
My mind becomes jumbled, distracted by your beauty.
To call you mine, I am ecstatic.
Every muscle shakes, it's too good to be true.
Yet how can one so perfect, desire a guy like me?
But question it? I'll never be so foolish.
A day with you is like no other, the sun shines brighter,
My smile never fades, a feeling of ecstasy when you're around.
I lay with you in my arms, feelings of shock and fear.
For how can someone so perfect, be so blind?
Awaiting the day, when your eyes open, and.
Everything turns to shambles, exiled from your life.
Yet in it I never was, fooled by a thought.
A longing for you, clouded my judgment.
I open my eyes with sadness.
I am without you. Tears caress my face.
Yet why be sad? When nothing was there.
I was a child, wanting everything I desired.
Never thinking of what I needed.

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