Misinterpreted Friends.

Is it even really worth it to stay friends in the end?
When there’s no trust, there’s nothing, don’t even try to pretend,
Pretend like you actually want to do this again,
To laugh and play, act like a true companion.

I know now that we never really were,
Easily understandable when our first words had a slur,
It’s so clear now, the lies you spoke of on my part,
When it was really you who was misleading from the start.

Sure you say you’ll still be here for me,
But what’s the point in that when you clearly don’t agree.
Agree with me on how I choose to live,
You’ve misinterpreted my actions, you doubt my want to give.

To give to those who don’t have a clue,
On what to say or how to do,
The things that you and I have already learned,
Because we’ve been through it before, we’ve had our turn.

I don’t think it’s bad to teach a life lesson,
So don’t look to me with eyes of hate or aggression,
Don’t doubt my sincerity because you were unable to see,
How much care I possess within the leaves of my tree.

I know it’s hard to see what you have when it’s in front of you,
Did you think those looks were fake, peering into the blue,
The blue of my eyes into the black of yours,
I knew something was off, that I shouldn’t have endorsed.

Now I’m just trying to come to terms with such waste,
A waste of my time with this basket case,
This joke of a man, well I think you’re just a boy,
You need to learn when to be real and learn when to toy.

That’s the last for me if I can ever help it,
I won’t be the victim of your personal benefit,
I’m looking out for me and all of my own,
So don’t try to mess with what you don’t know.

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