Mismatched Girl

For we do not care what this mismatched girl has to say
With her words making silky patterns across the sky
Give us our knives and our hate filled lies
As we grieve at what we’ve lost
This mismatched girl will never belong
We do not care that she
Paints the sky with her tears
The tears that we made her weep
For we live in a cave,
We call our heart.
In here we never hurt
Silly girl, letting herself get hurt
For she does not know what this world holds
She says that the world is full of good and wonder.
But, we ask then, why are there children crying
And old men dying?
She smiles and says life lives on
On and on and on.
We shout how can life live on?
For it is not a thing
Just a mere figment of your imagination
Foolish girl we gave you pearls
But you gave us sand
She shakes her head and says yes but,
When the lightning strikes across the sand
There is beauty
This mismatched girl laughs without doubt
The wind smacks our faces for we fear the beauty of this girl
This mismatched girl
With her eyes running rampant and her ideas howling like beasts
She is not afraid
For she feels the rattling in her heart
She calls them dreams
We feel the shivers slide down our backs
We are afraid, afraid, afraid
Who is this mismatched girl?
Is she a God?
Or is she ourselves?

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