Miss 20 something

Miss 20 something I thought you would have it all figured out.
I thought by 22 you imagined having a husband, kids, dream car And house ?
Dreams of college giving you endless list of opportunities decisions You wouldn't regret
but instead after graduating, kicked to the curb left with a ton of debt.
well at least there is the entry level jobs that should see your potential right ?
No they want you to work for free gain some experience because after years in school You're not yet qualified
miss 20 something I know you're stressed .
But it's a must you add society beauty standards to that list .
Your looks are not permanent they frequently change .
I know you were getting use to that look but it's out now someone new is on the front page.
Miss 20 something I don't think your hard work is paying off I promise .
Just Go with the flows it easier that way don't try to stop it .

Miss 20 something this is your heart speaking now you're doing it again dear .
Letting discouragement pretend it's me and whisper in you're ear .
Miss 20 something you're only in your 20's life have just begun .
Don't Be so hard on yourself go fight to win .
Think about it did you REALLY Want to be married at 22?
And regardless of what anyone say don't you know you're beautiful?
I thought so let's stay focused and rid of self doubt .
No more talking make your presence speak loud .
Every one have bad times but giving up is for coward .
On those dark gloomy days I'll be here to remind you that no rain = no flowers .

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