1. Like every day the innocent girl woke up to daylight,
Running and chasing after their expectations which made her inner self in contradiction and fight,
Yes fight, with oneself, with inner self and with your natural calling,
But she couldn't go at odds with the winds and the waves as she was too afraid of falling.
Sometimes she pause away to listen to those voices and whispers of her soul
But, "hey, you!" shouted the life, don't stop are you going to sleep with your empty bowl ?

2. And that's how her life became dull and contradictory
With all money, clothes and success but not a real victory.
What else do you need said, 'they'?
Yes they here refers to the greedy good doers of society
Who are always ready to downpour their sarcasm and pillory with variety.
The coercion with inner self was becoming the storm of the inner sea.
Ignoring , ignoring of course ,because being rebellious was just not her cup of tea.

3. It's like the pressure before the volcanoes erupt
It's like the old surroundings are not in favor and are corrupt
It's like the mother going through the pain before giving the birth
It's like the thirst of the land which has gone through the decades of water dearth.

And she finally broke one day!
She could no longer personate as the professional being of that pirated World.
She knocked down, bent, took a leap, pause, cried and ask,
Ask the conspirator above , ask again and again
Becoming the over thinker from probably being a narrow thinker

4. But you see with time,
The conspirator started unveiling the purpose of her existence quite bright
Hey you ! girl you are an awaken soul , you are infinite and you are my shining light
Now it's like her belief system collapsed ,
The idea of well settled society collapsed.
It's like the cosmos was conspiring her to know,
The real purpose of life is not just to work like a machine and go
Now those degrees, qualifications or money are not a priority
Because your kindness, love, compassion reflects your true humanity
and are in turn responsible for taking the World towards perfection and positivity.
Yes, this was the conclusion of her overall realization,
which encourages her to pen down her awakening and transformation.
Now today, she wakes up differently everyday
She's synchronizing with the conspiracy and in turn carrying out the nature's legacy
Legacy of being beautiful, of being helping, of being detoxifying and being healing
She's awaken , she's ready with her full dedication and true feeling
To love all and to serve all.

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