Miss Anonymous

Dear Miss Anonymous,
My love who's a stranger,
I can't help but anger my temperament,
Due to the fact I know an intimate relation
is a minuet obscurity in our lives destinations,
Nevertheless...You've seen me, I've seen you.
And though I know you think about me daily,
I don't know if you fascinate like I do.
I doubt it, but maybe, just maybe...
You're lonely too.
Miss Anonymous,
Different look, Different frame,
Same name, Anonymous...
And each time you pass me
Unbeknownst how I fancy your character,
I stare at ya...
In hopes your mind picks up my thoughts,
Or you feel my stare like a hawk,
Interlocked, in the make up,
Of your blush without makeup,
And wakes up that thing called hope...
I just hope I don't choke...
Cause you only get one 1st impression...
But I aim to be the one to relieve you of your guessing...
Love does exist, Miss Anyomous...
Love exist for us to live It,
I apologize Miss Anyomous
I haven't found you,
To Give It.

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