Miss Missing You

I'm choking on anxiety, And strangled by depression,
All the world seems to do, Is meet me with aggression.

Stress is suffocating, And fear is always haunting,
Stealing all the joy away, And hiding what I'm wanting.

Lonely stuck and drowning, Broken out and in,
Desolate and hurting, Save me from within.

I can't seem to shake the way, That everyone is feeling,
Nothing about staying here, Will ever be appealing.

So bring me to the center, Of everything you feel,
Make me sit and wonder, How much of it is real.

But even if you do, Never let me know,
Truth will set you free, And then I'll have to go.

Till then I will cherish, The words and what they meant,
Remember all the times, That year that came and went.

Time will keep on moving, Not always too kind,
But know no matter what, You won't get left behind.

And all the while I sit and think, I worry about you,
Knowing that through everyday, You have to feel it too.

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